The Scudder Association Foundation is dedicated to the perpetuation of a two century tradition of “Service to Others”, support for the Scudder family founded hospitals in southern India, the promotion of education in the social / religious arts & medical sciences and the preservation of Scudder family history.


Service to Others

The Scudder Association Foundation’s commitment to Philanthropy has a 200+ year history and continues today with a strong focus on serving others through health and education initiatives.

Family History

The Scudder Association Foundation mission includes the preservation of our family history. Over the past 100 years the inspiring, daring, heroic, amusing, swashbuckling, even glamorous stories of our relatives have been collected by devoted historians.


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News & Features

The Scudder Association Foundation has long supported those seeking careers in medicine, social services and spiritual guidance. The Foundation also promotes the preservation of our family history and records.